steemed yellow beets

So steamy, so screamy, and oh so dreamy!

Here at COOK TO BANG we are constantly one upping our latest and greatest recipe so we forget the simple, yet awesome things.  Steaming the APHRODISIAC-powered beets is a healthy and damn tasty choice for a side dish.  Beets have few calories to speak of, a megaton of fiber and enough boron to keep Erectile Dysfunction at bay.  Once the kitchen gets steamy, you are sure to look more dreamy to your date.  Choose the ENTRÉE you will serve with the beets wisely because you don’t want it to be shown out by a tasty little root vegetable.  Now get scheming and start steaming!

steemed yellow prepTotal time: approximately 20 minutes
Projected cost: $2
Drinking Buddy: Depends on the entrée

Ingredients (serves 2):
1. 1 bunch of yellow BEETS

Step 1
Cut the stalks off the beets, wash them thoroughly, and then cut off both ends.
steemed yellow wash chop
Step 2
Steam the beets covered until you can easily pierce them with a fork (approx 15 min).  Cut them in half and serve as a charming side dish compliment to your favorite ENTRÉE.  Just remove the skin and eat.  Add some balsamic vinegar or HONEY if you feel bold.
steemed yellow steam halve

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