Careful, for this is one sharp swordsman of the sea.

Careful, for this is one sharp swordsman of the sea.

Alas, there is no escaping your fate.  We shall duel at dawn’s first light. You wrote your destiny when you insulted my honor.  By not partaking in the fine FINGER FOOD I prepared, nor acquiescing to my subtle seductions, I am forced to take things a might bit further.  So I have upped the ante of our rendezvous with an unstoppable thrust of nature.  This wicked weapon will pierce thy heart and expose thy loins.  There is nothing thou can do to hold me back from my urge for triumphant trolloping.  And to think my foes presume this dish to be anything but simple sensational seduction. En garde, I say!

grilled swordfish prepTotal time: approximately 20 minutes
Projected cost: $13
Drinking Buddy: White wine

Ingredients (serves 2)
1. 1 pinch of salt
2. 1 pinch of cracked pepper
3. 1 teaspoon of olive oik
4. 1 8-10 ounce SWORDFISH steak
5. ½ a lemon of juice
6. 1 handful of chives diced (optional)

Step 1
Douse the top of the swordfish with olive oil and lemon juice.  Rub salt and pepper into the fish and let it all absorb (approx 5 min).
grilled swordfish marinate
Step 2
Preheat grill or BBQ so the heat is high.  Once it’s blazing hot, turn heat down to medium and throw the swordfish on the grill.  Cook the fish covered until it the meat goes white and the grill lines are present (approx 4 min).  Flip the fish and grill the other side (approx 3 min).
grilled swordfish grill
Step 3
Scatter the chives over the fish if you so desire and squeeze some more lemon juice over the meat.  Serve the fish up solo or with a SALAD or RICE.  Just keep it classy.
grilled swordfish squeezegrilled swordfish served

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