Enjoy the tsunami of edamame!


I don’t mind admitting I am a mama’s boy. Sure some conservatives might call me morally bankrupt. But I scoff at them because I still have a good relationship with my mother. She’s the one who taught me how to cook after all. Sure I may have taken the foundations of her teachings and used it to get girls out of my league to sleep with me. But isn’t that what innovation is all about? Take something simple like the act of cooking and run wild in a field or devious dandelions. That’s what I have done with edamame. Sure they taste great on their own, like nature’s candy. But I wanted to sex it up a bit. What better way to do that than smother them in aphrodisiacal flavor and roast them to perfection? Take it from this edamame’s boy; you will be happy you took my cue.

Total time: approximately 25 minutes
Projected cost: $4
Drinking Buddy: Sake or Japanese beer

Ingredients (Serves 2):
1. 1 lb bag frozen edamame (soy beans)
2. 1 tsp sesame CHILI oil
3. 1 tbsp HONEY
4. 1 tbsp soy sauce (1 restaurant packet works)
5. 2 dashes salt

Step 1
Preheat your oven to 350°F/175°C. Boil the edamame for 5 minutes and then drain.

Step 2
Create the sauce by mixing the soy sauce, honey, sesame chili oil, and salt.

Step 3
Toss the boiled edamame in the sauce and then lay them out on a baking pan. Roast until the sauce dries out and the edamame starts to brown (approx 15 min).

Serve immediately as a perfect FINGER FOOD FOREPLAY with drinks or before dinner.

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One Response to EDAMAME’S BOY

  1. Quick and dirty! I like it!

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