Inhale my kale

This simple as sin noodle dish’s got everything. Want healthy green kale? You got it, bub, Feel like the tart of lime, a hint of Vietnamese with the fish sauce, maybe the tang of sun-dried tomato? Indoubely-deed. How about an aphrodisiac triple threat? Bim bam boom. That mean old Dr. Atkins will shake his immortal head in shame over the carbs, but in their defense, they are pretty light and airy. And that will come in handy when all the colors swirling around this healthy noodle dish spin you and your date off your feet and into bed. Feel free to watch the kaleidoscope in the air when you’re both lying panting, post-coital, feeling it.

Total time: Approximately 10 minutes
Projected cost: $6
Drinking buddy: Sake or a light beer

Ingredients (serves 2)
1. 1 tbsp AVOCADO or vegetable oil
2. 2 tbsp fish sauce
3. 4 OZ rice noodles
4. 1 bunch kale
5. 1 small handful BASIL chopped coarsely
6. 1 small handful sun-dried tomato chopped coarsely
7. 1/2 lime
8. 2 tbsp GINGER finely diced
9. 2 Serrano chilies finely diced

Step 1
Blast the high heat and saute the ginger, chilies, basil, sun-dried tomato with the oil. Wash the kale, cut the stems away, chop coarsely, and throw in the pan. Cook until the kale breaks down and goes greener than a Goldman Sach banker’s bonus (approx 3 min).

Step 2
Rinse the rice noodles and toss them in boiling water until they soften (approx 90 sec). Pull noodles straight out of the water and add them to the pan. Squeeze in the fish sauce, lime juice, and add a 1/2 cup of water. Cook until the water dissolves (approx 2 min).

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