Cook To Bang originated out of The Chef’s passion for food that is rivaled only by his lust.  Culinary adventures have taken him from Paris to Sydney to Rio to Mumbai to Hanois to Nairobi in search of new flavors (and positions).  The Chef is a hedonist who enjoys excessive living and excessively good food.

Spencer is always feeding someone.

The Chef is always feeding someone.

The Chef grew up playing with his food.  His working mother was only too happy to surrender the reins of family dinners to her hyperactive, hungry son.  Mistakes like egg salad smothered American cheese and ketchup taught him the dos and don’ts of food pairing early.  His first professional cooking gig was in college working nights and weekends at Colorado Spring’s oldest Moroccan restaurant Mataam Fez.  The Chef paid his dues learning to cook the same ethnic dishes 200 times an evening in exchange for washing every pot, pan and dish for $6-an-hour.  He moved on to Colorado Springs Italian restaurant Primitivo as a sous-chef, spent his summers cooking for legendary Los Angeles catering outfit The Kitchen for Exploring Foods, and got entrepreneurial catering private dinner parties.  He once catered an eight-course dinner for actress Renee Russo that she declared, “orgasmic.”  The Chef also co-founded the Colorado College Culinary Arts Council that was commissioned by the college to host food-themed events for the student body.

The mystery man behind the steam

The mystery man behind the steam

The Chef considered culinary school, but ultimately chose instead to take a crack at his other talent: writing.  He moved to Los Angeles and through much trial and tribulation was able to break into the entertainment business with a meat cleaver.  The Chef has worked as a creative executive for Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and written episodes for Warner Bros, Nickelodeon and Disney.  The life of a writer is either one of a pauper or prince.  The ability to cook well allows this Chef to make it through lean times, but more importantly, to woo women he can’t afford to take on triple digit date.  Cook To Bang was hatched after The Chef observed the rookie mistakes his friends made splurging on dates that ended up with nothing more than a kiss on the cheek.  Cook to Bang is a community service for celibate schmos.  The Chef hopes these simple recipes inspire you to cook, eat, drink and screw with reckless abandon. COOK TO FUCKING BANG!

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