Mambo mango cook to bango

Regular salsa shouts out “yum!” but mango salsa says you’re both, “classy and well-endowed (with ability to cook).”  This little condiments can take the mundane like a healthy (boring) baked chicken and make it magical.  You can assure that anorexic supermodel that the calories are minimal.  Besides, you’ll burn through those calories soon enough, you sex machine.

1. 1 mango roughly chopped and depitted
2. 1 tomato roughly chopped
3. 1 handful of cilantro roughly chopped, stems removed
4. 1 green onion roughly chopped
5. ½ a lime
6. 1 jalapeño, deveined and deseeded, and roughly chopped

Step 1
Throw the chunks of mango, tomato, cilantro, green onion and jalapeno into a bowl and mix like a champ.  Squeeze the lime.

Step 2
Mix vigorously so the ingredients are battered around like a 50’s housewife.  Serve with chips, Mexican food, salad, or over fish/chicken.


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