Lox me up, because otherwide, I'd break these chains and ravage anything in my sight.

With Valentines Day creeping in like a ninja assassin, you better be ready with you’re A-game if you are seeing someone you like. It’s make or break time that will define where this relationship of yours will progress towards. If you don’t like them all that much, might I suggest a vacation far far away. You don’t want to be anywhere near town with a clinger you’re about to retire. But those of you lucky enough to have that one person you would gladly Cook To Bang every night, you need to start Valentine’s Day off right. There are few better approaches than breakfast in bed. Cliche it may be, but effective at not only dropping panties, but also keeping them off for long gaps of time it is. This fancy scramble from the future us perfect for sending the message that, ìNot only do I enjoy banging you, but also listening to you talk while we eat breakfast together.î If that is not true love, I weep for the future.

Total time: approximately 8 minutes
Projected cost: $4
Drinking Buddy: Beer or champagne

Ingredients (Serves 2):
1. 3 eggs
2. 1 tbsp CALIVIRGIN olive oil
3. 1 dash salt
4. 1 dash black pepper
5. Smoked salmon LOX slices
6. 1 small handful goat cheese
7. 1/2 red onion chopped coarsely

Step 1
Crack the eggs, spice with salt and pepper, and whisk.

Step 2
Sauté the onions on medium heat with oil until they soften (approx 3 min). Chop the smoked salmon up and throw in, sautéing briefly (approx 2 min), before adding the eggs. Scramble thoroughly, and then crumble goat cheese on top, cut the heat, and cover, allowing the cheese to melt.

Serve this breakfast of champions up with some spicy love found in the CONDOM-MENTS area.

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