Pity Party table for one?
Pity Party table for one?

No, it’s not your pity party and you can’t cry if you want unless you like public ridicule.  So you struck out last night.  In spite of your best efforts to woo, you still slept alone last night.  Don’t be so mopey. It happens to all of us. A little slump now and again will make you appreciate your mojo all the more.  Still, you deserve a little romance.  We all deserve to feel special.  In sexual bear markets, cook to bang yourself.  You know that at least you will put out to you.  Cook yourself a fine ass breakfast after a passionate night with that sexy bastard in the mirror.  Who loves you?

Total time: approximately 6 minutes

Projected cost: $5


pity party pita breakfast prepIngredients (serves 2):

1. 1 large pita

2. 1 dash salt

3. 1 dash black pepper

4. 1 tbsp olive oil

5. 3 eggs

6. ½ AVOCADO sliced thinly

7. 1 small handful feta cheese

8. 1 small handful chopped parsley

9. 1 tomato chopped coarsely

10. 1 onion chopped coarsely

Step 1

Beat the eggs with salt, pepper and parsley.

pity party pita breakfast beat

Step 2

Sauté the onion in olive oil (approx 2 min).  Dump the eggs into the pan and scramble (approx 3 min), crowning it with the feta cheese.

pity party pita breakfast scramble

Step 3

Split the pita in half and open up the middle.  Stuff half the eggs into each, followed by the tomato and avocado.

pity party pita breakfast assemble

Serve these with a side of SALSA if you’re feeling a little caliente.

pity party pita breakfast served

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