Foux da fafa all the way to the bedroom!

You gotta hand it to the French. No one pulls off being a bunch of fancy bitches quite like them. You’ll look like a goddamn pansy if you try to replicate without the accent. But for some reason they can act ass all sissy la la and it’s totally acceptable. So when it comes to cooking French-style cuisine, I always speak in a ridiculous accent, wear a beret, and engage in all things French: French fries, French kisses, French ticklers. Ca va? Tres bonne. Ca va et toi? Breakfast will never be the same once Frenchy McFrenchface comes to play.

Total time: Approximately 8 minutes
Projected cost: $6
Drinking buddy: MIMOSUCK IT

Ingredients (serves 2)
1. 3 eggs
2. 3 bacon strips (piggie, turkey, veggie)
3. 1 tbsp CALIVIRGIN olive oil
4. 1 dash sea salt
5. 2 OZ Brie cheese
6. 2 handfuls spinach

Step 1
Chop the bacon and spinach finely and toss together. Heat up the oil in a pan and sauté the goods.

Step 2
Beat the eggs with sea salt and pour into the pan, but don’t scramble. Once the eggs firm up, slice up the brie thinly, and place evenly over the eggs. Turn off the heat and cover until the Brie melts (approx 2 min).

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