Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a stinky pinky, y’all!

Riding dirty is the Southern way.  At least that is what I learned on my most recent visit to New Orleans.  I befriended a Southern belle boozing it up with absinthe at a vampire bar down a dark alley.  She did not believe that I was a master of disaster in the kitchen. So I took her challenge on the spot to go back to her place and fix up a meal with only what I found in their kitchen.  This cutie with an even cuter accent was unprepared for the awesome assault I unleashed in her mouths and loins.  I managed to make NEVER FLAKES CRAB CAKES (minus the mango), a simple salad and a SLOB ON MY KNOBBLER COBBLER with pears.  My payment for all my efforts was a cocktail that I present to you. She called it a Pink Lady since she is after all genteel and demure.  But the demure soon fizzled away by our fourth round. That’s when she showed me true hospitality in her boudoir.  It was only after, while I sipped a lukewarm pink lady as she slumbered next to me that I understood the saying: “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez.”

Total time: approximately 2 minutes
Projected cost: $4
Eating Buddy: Anything Southern like STROKE MY BANANAS FOSTER

Ingredients (per drink):
1. 2 parts champagne
2. 1 part bourbon
3. 1 part peach juice
4. 1 handful ice
5. 1 lime wedge

Step 1
Fill each glass with ice, and then pour in the bourbon, champagne (wait until bubbles subside) and peach juice. Garnish the glass with a lime or peach wedge. Repeat until you are both sloshed and naked.

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2 Responses to KINKY PINKY LADY

  1. James Roble says:

    Appreciate you bloogging this

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