Sorry, babe.  This dish is the apple of my eye.

Sorry, babe. This dish is the apple of my eye.

Crisis mode!  You have been obsessing over your hair or possibly a microscopic zit and now your date is minutes away.  Dinner is nowhere in sight.  No problem.   You can have this simple recipe ready by the time they walk through the door ready to put something in their mouth!  This also kills at dinner parties and potlucks where you can dazzle the single hotties their with your prowess…in the kitchen.

1. 1 apple sliced into slices the size of thick potato chips
2. slices of brie cheese equal in size to the apple
3. candied walnuts or pecans (found at most grocery stores)

Step 1
Take an apple slice and place a brie slice above and then a candied walnut on top.  Repeat until you have enough.

Step 2
Serve it up with some wine either before dinner or just say fuck it and drink the wine and get down to business.

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