Sex & The City?  More like Sex In The City!
Sex & The City? More like Sex In The City!

This one goes out to all you ladies having Sex & The City parties or just having sex in the city.  We all know that you sophisticated women of the world like to relax and gab out their lives with a cocktail in hand.  Sure the Cosmo is the uniform drink, but me thinks there’s a room for a new contender.  The Sour Apple Martini is way to tart and a regular James Bond-style martini is way too boozy and requires you to have a watch that shoots lasers.  Surely there’s a happy medium that is classy, refined and the “just right” like the Little Red Riding Hood in Jimmy Choos seeks.  Ladies, I present to you a simple, fast and “just right” cocktail that has made every woman I served it to just a bit classier, not to mention friskier.  So whether it makes you Charlottes into Samanthas or the Mirandas into a Carries (feel free to correct me as I watched the show only once with my mother who insisted that the key to understanding women was watching Sex & The City), COOK TO BANG has you covered.

pommelonkini bikini prepTotal time: approximately 3 minutes
Projected cost: $3
Eating Buddy: Bourgey FINGER FOOD FOREPLAY

Ingredients (per drink):
1. Sparkling pomegranate juice
2. 2 shots vodka
3. 1 handful WATERMELON chunks
4. 1 handful ice

Step 1
Throw a handful of ice into a martini glass.  Grab a handful of watermelon chunks, squeeze juice directly over the glass, and throw the pulp in after.  Throw in the vodka and top off each glass with the sparkling pomegranate juice.

pommelonkini bikini mix

Extra points if you use the martini shaker and strain out the ice.

pommelonkini bikini served 2

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  2. […] time: approximately 10 minutes Projected cost: $7 Drinking Buddy: POMMELONTINI BIKINI or a […]

  3. […] time: approximately 10 minutes Projected cost: $7 Drinking Buddy: POMMELONTINI BIKINI or a […]

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