Let your date guess what they’re tasting.  They will be surprised and aroused.
Let your date guess what they’re tasting. They will be surprised and aroused.

Shandy, you dandy randy non-brandy.  This is a classic British drink that runs the gamut of concoctions from the mundane: beer mixed with 7-Up to the insane: beer mixed lighter fluid and sharks blood.   Let’s just call this one a compromise that is Forest Gump stupid easy to make.  The garnishes make all the difference.  The mint, lime and lemons are like the tuxedo that covers up a pair of tighty whiteys.  Shandy’s are refreshingly intoxicating and are perfect to cool your hot steamy ass off.  After all, Shandy’s were the drink of choice for the British imperialists occupying nation a whole muggier than their cooler limey homes.  So make like an imperialist swine and occupy some territory in your date’s pantalones.

panty dropping shandy prepTotal time: approximately 5 minutes
Projected cost: $7
Eating Buddy: Goes great with seafood & FINGER FOOD FOREPLAY

Ingredients (makes a party for 2):
1. 1 6-pack of your favorite inexpensive beer
2. 1 tube of frozen lemonade concentrate
3. 1 lime cut into small pieces
4. 1 lemon cut into small pieces
5. 1 handful of fresh mint leaves

Step 1
Mix together the frozen lemonade concentrate, beer, mint leaves, lemons and limes. Serve them up in clear glasses so your glorious drink can be admired.
panty dropping shandy mix

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