He will massage your mornings and satiate your soul.

He will massage your mornings and satiate your soul.

Your mornings will never be the same once Mr. Morning Magic Hour takes control.  He is sure to wow and might even sing opera classics if you ask nicely.  The date you hosted is catching up on asleep after an exhausting night of physical activity.  You wore ‘em out being incendiary in the sack.  Your plan is to keep it going all afternoon and into the evening, but you both need fuel for that triumph.  So bring the delectable lunatic lothario out of retirement and serve him up on a plate.  Sure you could serve the same ingredients on a plate without the face, but why? You might as well become a eunuch and expire watching CSPAN.  Bring some flare back to breakfast and let Mr. Magic out of his cage.  AVE MARIA!!!

senor-sexy-breakfast-prepTotal time: approximately 10 minutes
Projected cost: $6

Ingredients (2 plates):
1. Butter
2. 2 handfuls of parsley
3. 1 kiwi
4. 4 eggs
5. 2 slices of bacon
6. ½ an avocado cut in 4 wedges
7. 2 slices of bread

Step 1
Toast the slices of bread and cut them in half (if you use square bread, cut triangles).  Cut the kiwis and half and peel the skin away.  Butter a pan and then crack two eggs at a time so they form together and throw on a slice of bacon.
Step 2
Create Mr. Morning’s Magic Hour by places a piece of sliced bacon in the middle of the plate.  Next set the kiwi half on top and a little above the bacon.  Create his mouth by placing two avocado wedges together, but turned inwards.  Serve the fried eggs above to make his eyes.  Place the toast on either side to make his ears.  Finally give him some hair by removing the stems from a handful of parsley and placing them at the top of the plate.  May Mr. Morning will start your day off with wicked wonder.

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