We've only just begun, but I'm down to take my sweet sweet time.
We’ve only just begun, but I’m down to take my sweet sweet time.

Seduction is all about finesse.  You can’t just meet someone, ram your tongue down their throat and expect to enjoy full penetration within 10 minutes.  Perhaps if your life is a porno…but the rest of us need to play it cool, even after we break the banging seal.  This applies especially to anyone who spends the night that you want to keep around for a little while.  If you decide not to fake a family emergency to force them out of your bed, you might as well make them breakfast.  Busting out the caviar to sprinkle over your lobster FRITTATA might be overkill.  Try something a little simpler that makes an impression like a well-positioned tongue.  The parfait is the perfect vehicle for morning foreplay because it takes seconds to hook up something refreshing, healthy and damn tasty.  With the morning lubricated by the Parfait Foreplay, proceed with blowing off your plans to bang well into the afternoon.

parfait foreplay prepTotal time: approximately 5 minutes

Projected cost: $5


Ingredients (for 2):

1. 8 tbsp yogurt

2. 2 handfuls of granola (1 granola bar bashed to smithereens)

3. 4-8 STRAWBERRIES sliced thinly (feel free to substitute other fruit)

Step 1

In your finest clear glass, create layers of amazing.  Begin with 1 tbsp yogurt, lay out a row of strawberry slices and repeat until 2/3 of the glass is filled. Throw a handful of granola over the top of each parfait, making them perfect.parfait foreplay assemble

Serve it up delicious breakfast foreplay, or make it the whole she-BANG!

parfait foreplay served 2

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