Morgina? Aye yi, el capitan!

I discovered this drink purely by accident. While visiting New York, a friend brought me to one of the last games played in Yankee Stadium. Responsible members of society that we are, we pre-gamed in the subway. Serendipity inspired my friend to get a bottle of Captain Morgan’s while I was thirsty for a little Eurotrash soda and went with Orangina. As a lark, we combined forces and something magical happened. Two derelicts boozing on the subway caught their own lightning in a bottle! As the booze kicked in, we became spokesmen for our new beverage. I’m sure we frightened most of our fellow subway riders, but if we inspired only one other person, it was worth it. The game itself was uneventful. Truth be told, I don’t remember most of it. But after the game we caught up with some girls we me out at a bar the other night. The ladies did agree that we reinvented the wheel with our new beverage. We got muy intoxicado and carried on like pirates into the wee hours sans clothing.

Total time: approximately 2 minutes
Projected cost: $3
Eating Buddy: Pirates booty

Ingredients (per drink)
1. 1 part Captain Morgan’s spiced rum
2. 2 parts Orangina
3. Ice
4. 1 small handful fresh mint leaves
5. 1 lime wedge

Step 1
Fill a glass with ice, squeeze in the limejuice, and add some mint leaves. Pour in the sumptuous liquids, mix, and guzzle. Yo ho yo ho, a pirate’s life for we.

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