steamed sesame kale servedI challenge even the healthiest crackpot ninny out there to call this dish fattening.  What you are looking at it is a plate turbo-charged with nutritional awesomeness. Do not let that sway you from indulging in this delightful treat.  Eating this uber-healthy dish is similar to sex: it feels good, yet is actually great for you.  The same can’t be said about crack cocaine or reality television.  Those vices are fun until you find yourself living in an alley mimicking the Hiltons, Hogans or Kardashians.  My advice is to stick to steaming and orgasm screaming.

*This recipe courtesy of Kristy the puppet master.

steamed sesame kale prepTotal time: approximately 7 minutes
Projected cost: $3
Drinking Buddy: Red wine or a MO MOJO MOJITO

Ingredients (serves 2):
1. 2 tsp sesame seeds
2. ½ lb fresh kale
3. 2 lemon slices

Step 1
Remove the kale stems and chop it coarsely.  Steam the kale until it becomes bright green (approx 5 min).  Place the steamed kale on a plate, squeeze the lemon, add the sesame seeds and serve immediately.steamed sesame kale chop steam flavor

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One Response to INHALE MY KALE

  1. Kristy says:

    Call me crazy… but this with a couple of sunny eggs and brown rice or good toast makes an awesome, go out and get some sh*t done breakfast. ❤

    I also recommend:
    as a savory addition to the above breakfast.

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