Mo Mojo Mojitos gets you mo and mo and mo and...

Mo Mojo Mojitos gets you mo and mo and mo and...

Viva la Revolucion! I’m not talking about Fidel Castro’s cigar chomping communist regime. I’m talking about the cocktail revolution led by the magical mojito. This cocktail is straight liquid sex appeal. The tart of the lime gets your feet moving; the sweet sugar fuels your moves; the frosty mint refreshes you’re overheating arse; the rum makes you holler at the moon. It takes me back to wild nights in Miami drinking way too many mojitos and going home with somebody shaking their hips hypnotically to a meringue beat. Much love goes out to those people in Havana who created such a perfect drink. I long for my own Guantanamera babe to help me get through this cruel winter. Cuba here I come! But in the mean time I can serve these up for the senoritas in my life. Mojitos never fail to arm me with a little mo mojo. The extra effort pays off in dividends when it compliments a spicy ENTRÉE. That’s what I call caliente!

Total time: approximately 35 minutes

Projected cost: $4 (excluding price of rum)

Drinking Buddy: You’re drinking the best buddy you can get

mo-mojo-mojitos-prepIngredients (per drink):

1. 1-2 shots of light rum

2. 2/3 cups of white sugar

3. 2/3 cups of brown sugar

4. 1 fat splash of club soda

5. ½ lime quartered

6. 1 large handful of ice

7. 1 bunch of mint leaves

8. 1 cup of water

Step 1

Create a simple mint syrup. Boil the cup of water, then mix in the white and brown sugar, and stir until the sugar dissolves. Turn off the heat and throw in a large handful of mint leaves and allow them to steep in the fridge. (Approx 30 minutes)


Step 2

Crush the ice in a blender, ice pick or fancy refrigerator. Throw ½ a lime and 12 mint leaves into a glass. Muddle the shit out it with something blunt. I used an ice scream scoop because I’m

Step 3

Throw a handful of crushed ice and 2 shots worth of simple syrup and muddle like a madman once again. Next pour as much rum as simple syrup into the glass, fill the rest of the glass with club soda and garnish it off with a few more mint leaves. Serve it all with some Buena Vista Social Club playing in the

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