Too hot to handle, Too cold to hold. They call this an aphrodisiac, Now go and be bold!

I feel ya! Now feel me. Go on. Reach out and take hold. Wondering what that hot sensation is? It’s my caliente Latin vibe making your brow sweat, heart race, and loins go pitter-patter. Who says boozy drinks can only be sweet, sour, or bloody boring? A pox on thy lame house! How about a spicy alcoholic beverage that is sure to prime them for the night’s inevitable conclusion? That, my friends, is taking the initiative. Your date will never accuse you of having an apologetic palette. Now be sure to feel them as they feel ya tequila.

Total time: Approximately 32 minutes
Projected cost: $6

Ingredients (for two drinks)
1. 2 cups white sugar
2. 2-4 shots tequila
3. 1 lime
4. 4 Serrano CHILIES
5. 2 cups water

Step 1
Chop up 2 Serrano chilies. Mix together the water, chopped chilies, and sugar. Bring to a roaring boil (5 minutes). Pour into a bowl, filtering out the chili seed and gunk. Refrigerate the spicy simple syrup until cool (approx 30 min).

Step 2
Fill two glasses with ice. Pour in the desired tequila. Squeeze a whole lime into the glass. Fill the remainder of the glass with the spicy simple syrup. Split a chili almost toward the end and fasten it onto the edge of each glass.

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One Response to I FEEL YA TEQUILA

  1. Christine says:

    I love tequila! I will try this out. Thanks for sharing. 😉

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