Only sexy monkeys deserve to taste these bananas
Only sexy monkeys deserve to taste these bananas

The South will rise again…in your mouth.  I do declare!  This outstanding Southern Cuisine classic is a sure fire way of impressing even that skeptical date who sneered at the 4-course meal you’ve already served.  Your caveman instinct will kick in like a racehorse back-kick to the cranium the moment you combine fire and food.  Putting an amazing dessert on fire is like thunking a cave-babe over the head with a club and dragging her into the cave (works on cave-dudes too).  The bananas sweet crispy outside gives way to a hot creamy center that is begging for some culinary cunnilingus.  The extra Foster sauce works like a much-need lube that allows you to navigate the sweet and rummy flavors.  And you can always cool it all down with dip in the melting ice cream pool.  Prepare to have your mind and possibly something else blown.

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bananas-foster-prepTotal time: approximately 6 minutes
Projected cost: $7
Drinking Buddy: You got booze in this one, but perhaps some port or Southern bourbon.

Ingredients (for 2 servings):
1. ½ cup of brown sugar
2. ¼ cup of Kahlua
3. ¼ cup of dark rum
4. 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
5. 2 bananas peeled and split lengthwise
6. 1/8 stick of butter
7. ½ teaspoon of cinnamon (optional – not pictured, forgive me)

Step 1
Heat up a deep pan on medium heat.  Melt the butter and add the brown sugar and cinnamon if you so desire.  Mix it all together thoroughly, then add the Kahlua to make a sugary syrup.  Add the bananas and cook them in the syrup until the soften (approx 2 minutes).
Step 2
Now comes the fun part which is a must do in front of your date. Flambé time!  Set that bitch en fuego!  Pour in the dark rum, mix it in for a moment, then tilt one edge of the pan towards the tire.  Allow the rum to catch fire and cook out the alcohol out of the dessert.  Serve immediately, ideally with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which you will pour extra Foster Syrup over.  bananas-foster-flambee

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