Mango popsicles = bango possibilities

Mango popsicles = bango possibilities

Mango, ginger, frozen phallus: these are a few of my favorite things.  Nothing is so suggestive as tasty-as-fuck frozen APHRODISIACS you can hand feed your date.  Fear not, for you will be able to follow it up with a warmer addition to their mouth.  But first you need to cool them down after a no doubt hot hot main meal.  Your culinary and conversation skills keyed your company up for all sorts of nasty post-meal activities.  But first take a moment to get them cool and relaxed before you bring the heat.  Cool enough?  Now bring it, bring it!

mango ginger pornsicles prepTotal time: approximately 20 minutes plus freeze time
Projected cost: $4
Drinking Buddy: Rum you can dip them into

Ingredients (serves 2):
1. 1 jar mango chunks in light syrup
2. 1 tbsp HONEY
3. 1 knob GINGER

Step 1
Boil the mango in the syrup.  Grate and chop up ginger, add honey to the mango and simmer on low heat until the flavor cooks in (approx 10 min).  Puree it all and allow it to cool (approx 10 min)
mango ginger pornsicles cook chop puree
Step 2
Carefully ladle the popsicle trays full.  Wipe off the excess spillage that landed outside of trays and cap them with the handles.  Throw them in the freezer until they freeze through (overnight).
mango ginger pornsicles cap freeze
Serve up as a DESSERT or post-coital treat.
mango ginger pornsicles served 2

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  1. Man, these look awesome! I have a spicy mango and ginger short rib marinade that these would work well with dessert wise!

    Haven’t seen those kinds of Popsicle molds since I was a kid! Need to get some.

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