Open your mouth and take it all in...

Happy 2010 to my beloved readers! Here’s to another year full of dirty dishes and used condoms. You deserve to pour yourself a cocktail to celebrate. Go ahead. Don’t be shy. Take it all in. Suck it all the way down and then ask for more. Taste it? That’s the flavor of a mimosa supped up with all kinds of sexy. Sure you could have poured orange juice from concentrate, but we both know you are your date deserve better. Nothing but the goods for you, superstar. Get right up in it and take ownership over this non-cock-blocking cocktail. You are starting the day off with a bang. Hopefully more than one bang considering you are the embodiment of hot sex on a platter. Gulp-to-gulp, kitchen-to-bed, enjoy some fine morning head.

Total time: approximately 3 minutes
Projected cost: $5 (excluding booze cost)
Eating Buddy: All manners or FINGER FOOD FOREPLAY

Ingredients (per drink):
1. 1/2 glass champagne (any sparkling wine will do)
2. 1/2 orange
3. Pomegranate juice

Step 1
Fill each glass halfway with champagne. Cut the oranges in half and squeeze the juice into the glass. Top off each glass with pomegranate juice and you are ready to rock.

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2 Responses to MIMOSUCK IT

  1. sexwars says:

    That looks AMAZING. I can’t believe I’m only finding your site now. It combines my two favorite things, cooking and sex! Such a fan. Keep the awesomeness coming.

  2. Reblogged this on Scratch & Sniff and commented:
    This blog makes me laugh everytime. I just have to share his posts. I will follow this blog until WordPress pulls it from my cold dead hands.

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