Ants are crawling all over my log...and I like it!

Ants are crawling all over my log…and I like it!

The ants! They’re crawling all over me! It’s so terr-…no wait. It’s actually rather awesome. All those little legs tickling my unmentionables. It’s a like an orgy with hundreds of participants, except they don’t talk, won’t get preggers and most likely don’t have full body herpes. If you get over the whole gross aspect of getting freaky with insects, than you got yourself a party. And should it ever get a little weird and awkward, you can always bail and squash those six-legged lovers of yours. Or better yet, just simulate it by recreating a classic childhood snack for a program intended for a mature audience. Who is the audience you ask? The ants of course!

ants on my log prepTotal time: approximately 5 minutes
Projected cost: $3
Drinking Buddy: A glass of milk or a SLUTTY TEMPLE

Ingredients (serves 2):
1. 4 tbsp peanut butter
2. 4 drizzles of HONEY
3. 1 handful raisins
4. 4 celery sticks

Step 1
Fill each celery rivet with peanut butter. Place raisins intermittently over the peanut butter. Drizzle honey as you wish over it all and serve up this childhood snack gone wrong.
ants on my log spread

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