Which Costa Boasta the Mosta Rica Chicas?

Which Costa Boasta the Mosta Rica Chicas?

I have traveled the world sampling the finest food and women. Each has its own unique taste, smell and overall experience. Some are memorable like this simple chicken sandwich in a baguette I ate in Paris, while the same thing I ate in Des Moines, Iowa was as forgettable as that Matt LeBlanc show after Friends. The same can be said about certain late night rendezvous where I’ll never forget the first girl to show up at my house with strawberries and cream, but am trying to forget about the one who brought BBQ sauce and coleslaw. This research is done in the name of Cooking and Banging. I do not take it lightly! But one particularly memorable CTB story took place in Costa Rica. I met a senorita that laughed at me from the beach as I attempted to surf. My Spanglish worked well enough to charm her into inviting me over for a post-surf lunch. This chica’s abuela was making this chicken dish in her tiny kitchen. I ignored her granddaughter and assister her in making this dish. The ploy to choose the chica’s grandmother’s company over hers became a double checkmate. Not only did I learn and document an awesome new recipe, but the semi-jealous chica also made sure that I was completely satisfied after lunch in the hammock.

Total time: approximately 10 minutes
Projected cost: $7
Drinking Buddy: A margarita or beer

pollo-en-salsa-prepIngredients (serves 4):
1. 1 whole chicken cut up into pieces: breasts, drumsticks, wings, and thighs
2. 2 packets of chicken consome/bouillon
3. 1 can of green peppers in salsa *
4. 1 can of mushrooms in salsa *
5. 1 tablespoon of butter
6. 4 garlic cloves chopped finely
7. 1 red bell pepper chopped into bite-sized strips
8. 1 onion chopped into cut into bite-sized strips
9. 1 large handful of cilantro chopped coarsely
10. 2 tablespoons of achiote paste (not pictured…may god have mercy on my soul)

Step 1

Melt the butter in a large pot on medium-high heat. Throw in the bell pepper, onion, garlic and cilantro and cook until they soften (approx 4 minutes). Add the achiote paste and cook until the veggies go red (approx 2 minutes). Throw in the chicken and cook with the veggies until the skin browns on each side (approx 5 minutes).
pollo-en-salsa-veggies-achiot-chickenStep 2
Add the consome/bouillon packets and a cereal bowl full of water. Dump in the salsa cans of mushrooms and green peppers if you so desire and bring it to a roaring boil.
Step 3
Once you have the mixture boiling, turn down to low heat and simmer with the pot covered until the chicken softens and cooks thoroughly (approx 50 minutes). Serve it up with some RICE, black beans and tortillas.


I’m impressed with your tenacity!

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  1. Everyone loves it when individuals get together and share thoughts.

    Great blog, continue the good work!

  2. Francisco says:

    Thanks for the recipe ! I’m from CR and have been craving that chicken for a while and can’t seem to get it right. I’ll give this one a try ! 😎👍🏽
    However I must mention that what you see there is not butter but what we call “manteca”,something like the Crisco.

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