Order in the court!  Allow me to retort...
Order in the court! Allow me to retort…

That Ben Dover better bend over for what he’s done.  Corporal punishment is the only fitting penance for the food slurs he committed.  He tarnished his soul with this Dover sole.  The bastard though that he could make a fish marinade out of blueberries, New Mexico chilies and coconut milk.  Ha!  How could a strange commingling of flavors like that taste anything but weird?  Clearly he must know the consequences of his reckless cooking.  Granted, I haven’t tasted his culinary cancer, but it has to be awful.  Right?  Fine, if you insist I don’t try him in the kangaroo court I call my garage, I will try a bite.  <takes bite, chews> You see!  It’s guilt…glorious!  <touching self> The delicate blueberry taste dances with the New Mexico chili wolves and cools down with a river of soothing coconut milk.  <does cartwheel> I hereby dismiss this case.   Ben Dover deserves a commendation for his culinary bravery.  Ladies of the court, please try a bite of this food pioneer’s masterpiece and meet me in the judge’s chambers!

ben dover sole prepTotal time: approximately 25 minutes
Projected cost: $16
Drinking Buddy: White wine or MO MOJO MOJITO

1. 1 package blueberries
2. ½ can coconut milk
3. ½ tsp sesame seeds
4. 1 tbsp olive oil
5. 2 dried New Mexico CHILIES
6. 2 lb DOVER SOLE filets

Step 1
Preheat the gas grill or get the BBQ coals burning.  Chop up the New Mexico chilies and sauté them with olive oil in a pan.  Throw in the blueberries, bursting them with the spoon or spatula and cook together (approx 2 min).  Add the coconut milk, bring to a boil and then simmer on low heat (approx 5 min).  Add the Dover sole filets and let marinate (approx 15 min).
ben dover sole sauce

Step 2
Throw the marinated sole filets on the grill, pouring the left over marinade on top, and cook until the fish meat whitens and flip (approx 4 min per side).  Serve the fish up on plates with sesame seeds on top along with your favorite GRILL companions like THEIR LOSS GRILLED SQUASH.ben dover sole grill

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