You will become possessed by the deviled eggs!

You will become possessed by the deviled eggs!

The devil sometimes gets a bad rap.  Granted the guy is a total dick with his evil powers of manipulation and intentions to enslave mankind.  But all those insipid qualities aside, the guy is a smooth operator.  One thing I can tell you is the great evil one can cook like the devil.  I saw it first hand in a Devil Gone Down to Georgia showdown.  Apparently my cooking and banging has gotten his attention.  He challenged me after one of my successful evenings cooking up a feast for a delectable date and the inevitable banging that followed.  It was Iron Chef in hell.  The judges gave us one hour to create a 4-course meal out of this gelatinous food staple of the Underworld called Gorvax.  Gorvax is from the potato family, except it is 600 degrees F straight out of volcanic ash and contains barbs sharp enough to cut steel.  Naturally the competition was a massive stress ball thanks to the crazy undead camera crew sticking their lenses in my face and cooking station.  But I kept faith in myself and cooked my heart out not worrying about the horned one.  That devil was so shocked I beat him with my Gorvax 4 four ways, including the Gorvax a la mode with caramelized sugar.  I was surprised as you are that the devil did not welsh on our bet.  He handed over this recipe for Deviled Eggs that is all the rage among homemakers in hell.

Total time: approximately 15 minutes
Projected cost: $8
Drinking Buddy: Some lemonade, iced tea or a Mint Julep

deviled-eggs-prepIngredients (makes 12):
1. 6 eggs
2. 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard
3. ½ teaspoon of salt
4. 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
5. ¼ teaspoon of paprika
6. 1 green onion diced finely
7. 3 ounces of lump crab meat

Step 1
Hard-boil the eggs (approx 5 minutes).  Place them in a bowl of ice water to cool (approx 5 minutes).  Crack the shell, remove the whole egg in tact, and cut them in half lengthwise.
Step 2
Scoop out the hard yolks of each egg half, setting aside the hollowed, hardened egg whites.  Mix up the egg yolks with crabmeat, green onions, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, and salt.
Step 3
Scoop the deviled yolk mixture into each hollowed egg white so it overflows onto the top.  Dust the tops of each deviled egg white with paprika.  The Devil has officially gone down to Georgia!


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