You got to lick it before you potstick it!

You got to lick it before you potstick it!

Innovation generally is born out of desperation, or so I learned creating this appetizer. I returned home briefly after an extended absence and didn’t even bother to take my luggage out of the car. Off to a birthday party I went, eager to connect with old friends, and make a few new ones. My reputation at the party for being a great cook preceded me. One of the guests was especially keen to find out just how much I know about food. We spent most of the night discussing food, our bodies inching closer and closer as we spoke with passion and lust for fine cuisine. I’m not sure exactly how it went down, but we bailed on the party before the cake was served (the food was uninspiring anyway) to whip something up at my house. Only problem was my fridge was empty except for some frozen potstickers, condiments galore and the three strawberries my roommate had leftover. With my cooking game’s reputation on the line, I threw down the gauntlet and made this random piece of awesomeness. My new friend was impressed and gave me props for efforts once that night and twice in the morning.

strawberry potstickers prepTotal time: approximately 15 minutes
Projected cost: $6

Ingredients (serves 2):
1. 1 tsp sesame seeds
2. 2 tbsp soy sauce
3. 1 tbsp honey
4. 1 tsp Sriracha Hot CHILI
5, 1 tbsp vegetable oil
6. 10 frozen potstickers
7. 3 STRAWBERRIES cut in thin slices
8. 1 green onion chopped coarsely

Step 1
Follow instructions on potstickers package to pan-fry. My method is cook the potstickers in vegetable oil until the brown (approx 4 min) and then dump 3 tbsp water over them and cover (approx 8 min). While you’re waiting for the potstickers to steam, move onto Step 2.
strawberry potstickers panfry
Step 2
Create the spicy potsticker sauce by mixing the soy sauce, honey and the Sriracha sauce together and cooking on ultra low-heat. When the mixture boils, throw the green onions in and cook for a hot minute.
strawberry potstickers sauce
Step 3
Lay the potstickers out on a plate. Crown each potsticker with a strawberry slice, a spoonful of sauce, and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top. strawberry potstickers assemble

Serve up this eye-popping, jaw-flopping, panty-dropping dish with a grin ear to ear.
strawberry potstickers served 3

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