Naughty hot chocolate for the hottie in your life.

Naughty hot chocolate for the hottie in your life.

It’s colder than Ann Coulter’s heart outside.  You’re date is no doubt keen to stay warm during these cruel winter months.  Luckily you are generous with sharing your body warmth.  Tis the season to be giving indeed.  This alcoholic hot chocolate recipe should help you mark a few extra notches until spring fever kicks in like rabbits in heat.  You get the comfort of a hot chocolate that warms the bones while the cocoa aphrodisiac sets the loins ablaze.  The minty alcohol will follow up as a double threat that will lower inhibitions and freshen your breath.  The two of you should be rolling around in the snow butt-naked in no time.

peppermint-cocoa-prepIngredients (for 2 cups of cocoa goodness):
1. 2 tablespoons of sweet ground chocolate/cocoa (Ghiradelli recommended)
2. ½ quart of milk (or soy milk)
3. Whipped cream to your liking
4. 3 ounces (3 shots) of Peppermint Schnapps
5. 4 ounces of bittersweet chocolate

Step 1
Chop the bittersweet chocolate up into shards.  Heat 2 ounces worth of milk in the pot on very low heat until it becomes hot.  Add the chocolate and melt it all together until it’s a thick, divine goop.  Pour the rest of the milk in and heat up, making sure never to boil the concoction.

Step 2
Add the cocoa powder and mix it all together thoroughly.  Pour 1- 1½ shots of peppermint schnapps (depending on how much of a lush you are) into each mug.  Pour in the homemade cocoa mix and mix it all together.  Serve with whip cream and a candy cane, if you’ve been infected by the holiday spirit.  Otherwise down the cocoa and get creative with the whip cream.peppermint-cocoa-mix2

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