Simple and seductive? You can't beat a healthy beet salad.

Simple and seductive? You can't beat a beet salad.

A naysayer might claim that beets are a boring vegetable on par with brussel sprouts or kale.  Punch this ignoramus in the face because they are clearly ignorant to just how goddamn sexy beets can be.  First, beets are an aphrodisiac used since Roman times to increase male virility due to the high boron content.  “Take favors in the beetroot fields” was a popular early 20th Century euphemism for visiting prostitutes.  Happy ending history aside, beets are amazing for your circulatory system and freshen your breath, which comes in handy for horny people with heart problems and halitosis.  But they also taste amazing and with the right combination of foods become an unstoppable force at motivating hanky panky.  Goat cheese and beets together form an alliance on par with Hall and Oates or Siegfried and Roy (minus the tiger mauling).  They are your friends and allies when it comes to the horizontal mambo.  Beet salad is a classy choice for a first date because it’s neither expensive nor expected.  It’s refreshing, invigorating and will cue you up for some felating.  Combining the salad with a bottle of wine will equate to a sublime time oh so divine.

beet-salad-preppedIngredients (for two):
1. 1 pear sliced long ways
2. 8 ounces of goat cheese cut into rounds
3. 2 steamed, peeled beets cut into rounds

Step 1
Steam or boil beets until a fork can easily be stabbed through them.  Throw the beets into a container filled with ice-cold water and allow them to cool in the fridge for 30 minutes or so.  The skin should easily peel off.  Cut the beets into rounds.
Step 2
Create stacks of the holy trinity, sandwiching the goat cheese between the beets and pears.  Cover them in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and serve.  Two or three per plate should suffice for a spectacular starter or a healthy lunch before an afternoon quickie.

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  1. Its a nice recipe. I will share it with my husband.

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