Date shakes make booties quake

After your hot date gets hotter and steamier, cool off with a refreshing date shake.  There is nothing like the taste of ancient lands to flavor the already classic crowd-pleasing milkshake.  The Mesoptamian and Egyptian culinary culture grew from dates, which flavored just about every meal.  Considering the plethora of kinky among the originators of civilization, it’s a safe bet that using dates will help you evoke ancient sex gods.  Just imagine the power of Ra pulsing through your body as you indulge in all manner of ethereal pleasures.  Sip on that shake of yours, and get back to work!

Total time: approximately 20 minutes

Projected cost: $5


Ingredients (serves 2):

1. 2 cups milk

2. 3 scoop vanilla ice cream

3. 2 tbsp HONEY

4. 1 handful of dates

Step 1

Removed the pits from the dates and then thoroughly puree them with vanilla ice cream, honey, and milk until your ready to shake that booty. Garnish with an extra date on each glass if you want to look extra cool.

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