This dish's sexy quotient runs deeper than the Rio Grand

This dish's sexy quotient runs deeper than the Rio Grand

Hola, muchachos!  So it’s breakfast once again.  You’re ready for enough sustenance to satisfy the biggest machismo tough guy, but delicate enough to seduce the daintiest of conquests.  Good thing you have juevos grande…rancheros of course!  This classic Mexican desayuno is packed to the brim with black bean APHRODISIAC goodness, loaded with protein egg power and filled with veggie delights to keep you banging for years to come.  Your date’s health can only improve with you in their life because making a dish like this is incredibly thoughtful.  Well played!  I prepared this meal for a senorita of my own who was surprised that a gringo was able to serve up authentic juevos rancheros.  They were nearly as tasty as the siesta we took after breakfast.  Adios, mi amigos!

juevos-grande-rancheros-prepTotal time: approximately 20 minutes
Projected cost: $4
Drinking Buddy: Orange juice or a margarita if you are nursing a hangover

Ingredients (serves two):
1. 1 can of black beans
2. 2 tablespoons of olive oil
3. 2 corn tortillas
4. 1 handful of shredded jack cheese (optional)
6. 2 eggs
7. 1 handful of chopped cilantro
8. 1small onion peeled and chopped coarsely
9. 1½ tomatoes roughly chopped
10. ½ am avocado sliced thinly (optional, not pictured)

Step 1
Heat 1 tablespoon of olive in a pan over medium heat.  Sautee the onions (approx 2 minutes) and then add the cilantro, tomatoes and black beans.  Simmer it all together covered (approx 10 minutes).
Step 2
Crack each egg in a small container and slowly add to the simmering ranchero sauce mixture.  Cover the pan again and simmer the eggs until they go white, but before yolks harden (approx 6 minutes).
Step 3
Heat the remaining up olive oil on medium in a small pan.  Throw in the tortillas one at a time so they brown, raise and then flatten out.  Serve each of these tortillas on a small plate.
Step 4
Split up the rancheros sauce between the tortillas.  If you desire, throw some jack cheese over it at this point.  Place an egg on top of each rancheros sauce covered tortilla.  Finally crown it all with some SALSA and avocado if you feel bold and beautiful.

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