The tower of taters will tell you no lie, except "Of course I'm single."

The tower of taters will tell you no lie, except “Of course I’m single.”

My first professional cooking gig was at a Moroccan restaurant.  I ate there while in college and I asked the waiter if they were hiring.  The owner met me at the end of the dinner and asked if I could start tomorrow.  Suddenly employed, I was thrown into the fire sink or swim.  Lucky for all parties involved (my readers included), I swam mightily against the current heavily spiced by turmeric.  Beyond the lessons I learned prepping the same dish 200 times in an evening, there were the waitresses.  These girls acrobatically poured sweet Moroccan tea into cups balanced on their heels.  You can imagine the possibilities afforded by such flexibilities.  The floor was there domain; but the kitchen was my domain.  I was the gatekeeper to tantalizing scents emanating from the kitchen.  Despite all the heavily spiced Cornish game hens or complicated dishes like bastella, the simple Moroccan-style potato salad I made sealed the deal.  There was way mo rockin’ with customers gone and the “privacy please” sign on the supply room door.

moroccan potato salad prepTotal time: approximately 2hrs 15 minutes

Projected cost: $6

Drinking Buddy: Red Wine or Moroccan tea

Ingredients (serves 2):

1. 3 dashes salt

2. 2 tbsp vegetable oil

3. 3 tbsp red wine vinegar

4. 2 lbs red potatoes

5. 1 onion chopped finely

6. 2 handfuls parsley chopped

Step 1

Wash the red potatoes and cut them into 1/8ths.  Salt the water and bring the potatoes to a roaring boil and cook until you can easily put a fork into the tater (approx 7 min) and drain.

moroccan potato salad tater

Step 2

Toss up the potatoes, parsley, onions, red vinegar, vegetable oil and salt.  Allow it to marinate in the fridge (approx 2 hrs).

moroccan potato salad toss

Serve with your favorite ENTRÉE that screams, “I’m worldly!  What’re you gonna do about it?’

moroccan potato salad served 2

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