Tequila = boozy floozies in a jacuzzis

Ever just start speaking in rhymes?
Happens at the most inconvenient times?
Dr. Seuss crawled down your throat?
Like someone’s always getting your goat?

Bust out some tangy lime and tequila
Your date is sure to touch and feel ya.
So rather than whine, bitch, and groan
Make pasta so good they will moan

I shall refrain from babbling all night
This rhyming even gives me a fright
Guys, don’t just play with your wang
Good forth, my friends, Cook To Bang!

Total time: approximately 20 minutes
Projected cost: $8
Drinking Buddy: Sauvignon Blanc or BANGARITA

Ingredients (serves 2)
1. 8 OZ spaghetti
2. 3 dashes salt
3. 1 tbsp CALIVIRGIN olive oil
4. 2 shots tequila
5. 1/2 can coconut milk
6. 1 lime
7. 1/2 onion diced finely
8. 1 red bell pepper diced finely
9. 1/2 lb chicken cut in bite-sized pieces

Step 1
Boil pasta in salted water (follow package), moving on to the other steps while it becomes al dente, and eventually drain and mix in with the goods.

Step 2
Marinate the chicken with 1/2 a lime, 1 shot of tequila, and a dash of salt. Brown the chicken and set aside with the juice.

Step 3
In the same pan, sauté the onions and red bell pepper in olive oil (approx 3 min). Squeeze in the rest of the lime and tequila and stew (approx 2 min). Add the coconut milk, salt and browned chicken and heat through before mixing in the pasta (approx 3 min).

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