Let me see you cha cha chicken!

Let me see you cha cha chicken!

Can you cha cha?  It’s only the simplest dance in the known universe.  I saw syphilitic lab monkeys doing it by accident and that was after an experiment with excess wine consumption.  If a drunken monkey can do it, you should be able to pull it off blindfolded.  This dish is on same page as the cha cha.  It’s almost impossible to screw the pooch on this one.  You could try pouring turpentine into the mix (CTB discourages this wholeheartedly), but then it would have a cool, briny taste.  Just follow the protocol below and spend your extra time kicking game. That will leave you with plenty of time to kick game while you dance the half-naked cha cha.

This dish was inspired by Marketing Maestro Steve Tobia of THE Magazine.

artichoke chicken prepTotal time: approximately 25 minutes
Projected cost: $12
Drinking Buddy: Red wine

Ingredients (serves 2):
1. 1 cup of white wine
2. 4 ounces of Alfredo sauce (¼ a jar)
3. 2 pre-seasoned lemon pepper chicken breasts (or marinate first in lemon and cracked pepper)
4. 3 handfuls of ARTICHOKE hearts
5. 1 handful of Parmesan grated
6. 1 tablespoon of olive oil (not picture)

Step 1
Pan-steam the chicken by pouring in a few splashes of water into a wide, deep pan.  Cover the pan a top or foil and cook chicken all the way through, flipping halfway through the cooking process (approx 8 min per side).  Add more water if you must.  Cut the chicken into smaller pieces and set aside.
artichoke chicken steam
Step 2
Drain the pan and dry it.  Heat up the olive oil in a pan on medium heat.  Throw in the artichoke hearts and crack pepper over them if you like while sautéing them (approx 3 min).  Add the chicken pieces and pour in 4 ounces of the Alfredo sauce.  Cook it all together so the chicken absorbs the cream (approx 4 min).  artichoke chicken veggie sauce

Serve it up on a plate over pasta, with GARLIC BREAD or plain, crowning it with Parmesan.

artichoke chicken served 2

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  1. bMills says:

    I make something similar to this, but i use marinated artichokes and start by cooking the chicken in the drained artichoke juice. I also use Cream of Celery or Mushroom Soup as opposed to Alfredo sauce and serve over rice. Good stuff.

    Love the site. Keep up the good work.

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