tickle my walnuts chicken served

Tickle tickle, don't be fickle fickle.

Ooh, baby!  You know how I like it!  A gentle tickle while I my groove gets on and on and on.  It’s the little things in life that give us the most pleasure.  I don’t need no plasma screen, limousine, nor sports team.  All I need is your soft touch on my most special of areas.  Not too gentle, not too rough.  That’s it. That’s exactly how we approach this simple chicken ENTRÉE.  A few extra steps result make the classic baked chicken into a magnum opus of flavorful pleasure.  Sure we could get our panties in a bunch making something uber-gourmet multi-step dish.  But sometimes simple and succulent is sexy.  So what are you waiting for?  These walnuts aren’t going to tickle themselves!

tickle my walnuts chicken prepTotal time: approximately 35 minutes
Projected cost: $7
Drinking Buddy: White wine

Ingredients (serves 2):
1. 1 small handful of fresh BASIL
2. 1 handful of crushed walnuts
3. 1 tsp of paprika
4. 2 chicken breasts
5. ½ a lemon
6. 1 egg

Step 1
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Marinate the chicken breasts in lemon juice and paprika (approx 15 min).  Whisk an egg in one bowl and combine chopped up basil and walnuts in another bowl.
tickle my walnuts chicken prepared
Step 2
Dip each marinated chicken breast in the whisked egg and then dip both sides into the walnut mixture.  Place the chicken in a greased baking pan. Cover the chicken tops with the remaining walnuts.  Pour the remaining egg over it and bake until the chicken cooks through and the walnuts form a crust (approx 30 min).
tickle my walnuts chicken dip bake
Serve up on a bed of spinach or your favorite CARBOLUSCIOUS side dish.
tickle my walnuts chicken served 2

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