Come Mrs. Tallyman, fondle me banana

For the record, Cook To Bang isn’t telling you to bang your nana. That is illegal in most countries and frowned upon everywhere else with the possible exception of Sweden. Why do you think they call it a Swedish pancake? Yet I digress, a bad habit since my ADHD childhood. Bananas are among my favorite fruits. Taste and phallic suggestiveness aside, the magnesium, potassium, riboflavin and B Vitamins run through the love machine you call your body like premium oil used in sports cars driven by men substituting for what they lack. But that’s not your problem. Is it, fellas? Even if it is, fret no longer. Bananas also turbo-charge the male libido with the enzyme bromelain. The fact “bro” is in the enzyme’s scientific name should not be lost on you. Fire up the griddle and make pancakes…in bed. Then make breakfast.

Total time: approximately 12 minutes
Projected cost: $8
Drinking Buddy: MIMOSUCK IT

Ingredients (serves 2)
1. Maple syrup
2. 1 cup flour
3. 2 tbsp peanut butter
4. 2 tbsp brown sugar
5. 1/2 cup milk
6. 1 egg
7. 1/2 stick butter
8. 1 banana sliced thinly
9. 1 handful pecans chopped finely
10. 1 tsp baking powder
11. 2 tbsp HONEY

Step 1
Create the peanut butter banana pancake batter. First sift together the flour, brown sugar, and baking powder. Melt half the butter. Create a hole in the center of the powder and fill it with the egg, milk, and melted butter. Mix it into a batter, and then add the peanut butter, half the banana, and honey. Mix it all and hot damn!

Step 2
Heat up a pan, skillet or griddle. Throw a sliver of butter down before ladling the pancakes one at a time. Cook each side until they brown (approx 2 min) flipping once. Repeat until you have four glorious pancakes. Lay out the banana slices and scatter shot the pecan pieces. Add butter and syrup, as you deem necessary.

If you are especially ravenous after banging all night and again in the morning, serve some HARDCORE SOFT-BOILED EGGS on the side.

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