June 10, 2010

We yes can, yes we will, yes we did bang.

In these dark times, when oil gushes and babies cry, we need something to rely on. Something that can cheers us up. For me, that comes in the form of food and sex. Cook To Bang can’t save the world, but it might be able to save your mood. Put your partisan politics aside and do as Obama said during his campaign, “Yes we can.” Yes we can make a delicious meal. Yes we can serve it to someone we want to sleep with. Yes we can bang all night and into the morning. Yes we can make post-coital breakfast. Read the rest of this entry »


August 13, 2009
The big fig gets the smokiest meat

The big fig gets the smokiest meat

For the record, I am totally gay for figs.  They are one of history’s oldest fruits. Ever hear of the hanging gardens of Babylon?  Figs hung proudly there and flavored many ancient meals.  No doubt these edible APHRODISIACS were all over the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve just had to sample the far blander apple and ruin everything.  Not that there’s anything wrong with apples, knowledge or original sin.  Figs are just tastier, sexier and more likely to get you laid.  Sexy time is nearly certain once you wrap the figs up with Italian prosciutto and throw in some creamy Brie cheese.  Run, don’t walk to your nearest quality grocer and slice off a piece of the Garden of Eden.

proscuitto wrapped figs prepTotal time: approximately 5 minutes

Projected cost: $7

Drinking Buddy: Red Wine or a SAN-GRAB-YA SANGRIA

Ingredients (serves 2):

1. Brie cheese

2. 4 fresh FIGS

3. 4 prosciutto slices

Step 1

Quarter the figs and add small slices of Brie to each section.  Pull off long strips of proscuitto and wrap each fig/brie unit.  Serve up on a plate or laid across your naked body.proscuitto wrapped figs assemble

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