August 31, 2015
You're just grillin', like Bob Dylan!

You're just grillin', like Bob Dylan!

This grilled chicken salad has all the fixings that will help you get that fix.  Been hard up for some attention of the leisurely kind?  Fret no more that you will die celibate and alone in a shack made of cow dung deep in the wilderness.  This salad should help you get back on your feet and banging once more.  Just step back and allow the grilled chicken to open up the flavor in this uber-healthy salad.  You can lure whichever conquest you have your heart set on with promised of a high protein, low calorie waltz on their tongue.  It’s an easy dish to play off like you threw it together without so much as a second thought.  You can leave the impression that this is how you always eat because you are that awesome and nonchalant.  Now you’ll have plenty of time to wow the shit out of your date with other impressive qualities like the ability to read palms, take out flies with a blowgun, and give someone an orgasm from across the room.  Go and get them…at your leisure. Read the rest of this entry »


July 18, 2014
Come on a banging safari with me!

Come on a banging safari with me!

The Beach Boys sang about surfing safaris.  They’d travel the world surfing and singing their little hearts out.  Not a bad idea, except substitute banging for surfing, and singing for grilling.  Now we’re talking about a trip to remember.  We can squeeze in some waves and singing while in the final throes of banging.  But it’s all about beach time fun time all the time.  You don’t have time to waste in the water when you have hot tanning bodies waiting for you to invite them to chill out while you grill out.  Use the surfboard as a prop and hint that you just won a lifetime supply of sunscreen.  Offer to rub some of your grand prize onto their shoulders and lure them over to your beach shack.  Demonstrate your skills out of the water and grill them up some crazy easy, low-calorie tacos that won’t harm their swimsuit bod.  Now comes the easy part of the safari. Read the rest of this entry »


June 9, 2009
steemed yellow beets

So steamy, so screamy, and oh so dreamy!

Here at COOK TO BANG we are constantly one upping our latest and greatest recipe so we forget the simple, yet awesome things.  Steaming the APHRODISIAC-powered beets is a healthy and damn tasty choice for a side dish.  Beets have few calories to speak of, a megaton of fiber and enough boron to keep Erectile Dysfunction at bay.  Once the kitchen gets steamy, you are sure to look more dreamy to your date.  Choose the ENTRÉE you will serve with the beets wisely because you don’t want it to be shown out by a tasty little root vegetable.  Now get scheming and start steaming!

steemed yellow prepTotal time: approximately 20 minutes
Projected cost: $2
Drinking Buddy: Depends on the entrée

Ingredients (serves 2):
1. 1 bunch of yellow BEETS

Step 1
Cut the stalks off the beets, wash them thoroughly, and then cut off both ends.
steemed yellow wash chop
Step 2
Steam the beets covered until you can easily pierce them with a fork (approx 15 min).  Cut them in half and serve as a charming side dish compliment to your favorite ENTRÉE.  Just remove the skin and eat.  Add some balsamic vinegar or HONEY if you feel bold.
steemed yellow steam halve

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