December 14, 2015
Man goes where the mangos flow and the seafood knows

Man goes where the mangos flow and the seafood knows

You can almost hear the steel drums and kinky Reggae when you slurp this sexy take on a Caribbean classic.  It takes a little work to harness the flavors, but trust me when I say it’s well worth the time (hint hint).  Shrimp mango bisque is both nutritious and loaded with aphrodisiacs that will put you on the path to gratification.  The sweet taste of mango compliments the spices; the shrimp are just begging to soak in the sweet and spicy flavor bursts.  My first encounter with this dish was at Club Med in Turks and Caicos as a child rather clueless as to why the adults danced so closely together after a downing a bowl.  Perversity and ingenuity have since led me to honing the recipe to what you see before you. SMACK MY BISQUE UP has become a reliable go to dish that brings that Caribbean sunshine to my kitchen and bedroom even in the dead of winter.  Go on, make Bob Marley proud!

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November 30, 2015
The plantain train is leaving the station with or without you!

The plantain train is leaving the station with or without you!

All aboard!  This party train is headed for your Caribbean culinary connection.  Expect steel drums, tropical breezes and dreadlocks.  When you aren’t shaking your booty to some live reggae, you can stuff your face with this CARBOLUSCIOUS treats.  The banana’s larger, oven-friendly cousin will capture the island spirit.  Baking it makes it a guilt-free snack or compliment to your ENTRÉE.  Plantains are inexpensive, robust and totally awesome.  Your date won’t expect such a delicious twist.  Now do as Bob Marley commands and get with the kinky reggae now! Read the rest of this entry »


December 3, 2008

Mango makes you tango then bango all night long.

Mango makes you tango then bango all night long.

Come taste the flavor of the Carribean in winter time. This sandwich is like a vacation for your mouth complete with steel drums and Bob Marley crooning softly in your head.  Mango seems to make just about everything tastier and provides some much needed Vitamin C.  The chicken will come to life like a sex-crazed bird when the mango gets done with it.  The reasons go beyond scientific explanation.  Your date will be impressed that you are worldly enough to have thought of such a novel flavor combination.  And with good reason.  Perhaps you can explain that you discovered this recipe while you were touring with Burning Spear or the Wailers.  Sure you may have only been playing tambourine, but you’re rhythm was essential to the overall sound.  Now it’s time to show off your other rhythm.  Mmm mmm mmm…

mango-chicken-sandwich-prepIngredients (for 2):
1. 1 tablespoons of olive oil
2. ½ a lemon
3. 3-4 green onions chopped coarsely
4. 3 mushroom cut in slices
5. 2 handfuls of chopped lettuce
6. 2 hamburger buns
7. 1 handful of chopped mango chunks (fresh or frozen)
8. ½-1 pound of white meat chicken
9. 1 handful fresh mozzarella in thin slices
10. ½ an avocado slices thinly

Step 1
Throw the chicken and green onions into a bowl and squeeze the lemon into them.  Allow to marinate for 15 minutes, then mix in the chopped mango

Step 2
While the chicken marinates, sauté the mushrooms with the olive oil they are moist and limp (unlike you or your date).mango-chicken-sandwich-shrooms

Step 3
Toast the hamburger bun with the fresh mozzarella cheese placed on the top side of each set.  The bread should be brown and the cheese

Step 4
Cook the chicken in a pan until there is no pink and the mango has cooked into the meat.  mango-chicken-sandwich-cook

Step 5
Assemble the sandwiches with the lettuce and avocado on the top side.  The chicken crowned with the sautéed mushrooms goes on the bottom.  Push them together just like you and your date will be pushed together when all is said and

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